About Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science which was one of the four foundation Faculties at the inception of the University has over the years made it a deliberate policy to attain and maintain very high academic standards. The Faculty sustains a mission to position itself as one which is reckoned with nationally and globally. This we strive to achieve by preserving high quality standards in terms of innovation, research and development.

The Faculty incorporates 2 basic aspects of Science viz; the Physical and Biological Sciences.  The Physical Sciences comprise of the Departments of Computer Science; Geology; Geophysics; Industrial Chemistry; Mathematics and Physics while the Biological Sciences are made up of the Departments of Animal and Environmental Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Plant Science & Biotechnology.

Training in the Faculty has been thorough and of relevance with a view to assuring our graduates the desired employment opportunities or in the alternative, an environment where they could be creative, innovative and seek self-employment.

On the research front, there is an ongoing keenness for research in the Faculty resulting in several publications and conference presentations by our academic staff both within and outside the country. Our Lecturers have won many international prizes, grants and fellowships and have continued to collaborate with local, regional and international institutions and agencies.

The Faculty organizes international conferences, workshops and symposia, every year to showcase faculty research and to embrace current studies of local and international colleagues. Meanwhile, the maiden edition of the Fuoye Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences (FJPAS), a journal of the Faculty of Science has been published.

Over the years, the Faculty of Science has maintained its focus on teaching and research and in particular, curriculum redesign and development which has now brought the 10 academic programmes currently domiciled in the Faculty further in line with the requirements of the NUC Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards.

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